Green Cleaning Services

The Huber Group has played a key role in implementing Green Cleaning in commercial office (multi-tenant) and institutional client space. Not only have the chemicals and equipment been adapted to this method of cleaning, but schedule changes utilizing day or afternoon shifts have proven to be a very cost-effective tool in relation to energy conservation. In some cases, energy costs have been reduced 25%-30%.

The Huber Group's experience has proven to be invaluable in understanding the client's needs, educating the client to the benefits of the green initiative and educating the client's tenants to the benefits, procedures and schedules. Our employees are subject to intensive training in the area of proper use of chemicals and equipment, as well as training in respect to dealing with our clients or tenants. The training is particularly important when day or afternoon shifts are chosen to be cognizant and respectful of our clients or their tenants. Project work or more intrusive cleaning is scheduled during off peak hours to insure safety and/or convenience.

The Huber Group continuously evaluates the products being used while exploring and conducting tests on new and improved chemicals or equipment.