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   Pittsburgh's Local Family-Owned Business

The Huber Group was formed in 2002 as a response to the marketplace. Our purpose is to provide the Pittsburgh region with a locally owned partner to provide facility services to commercial, industrial, educational, medical, retail, government and institutional customers. The Huber Group was formed at a time when mergers and acquisitions were dominating the building maintenance industry. We are very proud of our accomplishments, as we have remained competitive with both the largest nationally and internationally owned companies. The Huber Group is a vital company in the Pittsburgh market because our key officers can relate to our customers and be more responsive to their needs.

   The Huber Group Advantage

The Huber Group's main focus is to provide service to clients in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area.

  • Local Ownership permits personalized attention to our clients.
  • Our financial expectations are not driven by corporate leaders who are primarily concerned with the bottom line, often at the expense of quality performance levels.
  • We have proven experience in "Green Cleaning."
  • Highly skilled and well-trained workforce.

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118 Pleasant View Court. Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Phone: 412.650.1505 | Fax: 412.650.1507